Why David Perdew Is On Crack About Failure!

Mine of Effort (never give up)Well hello there, if this is your first visit welcome, welcome, you’ve discovered my blog just as I’m about to confess to my biggest guilty secret!

If you’re returning, Oh My Gosh, I’m so glad to see you’re still hanging in there because it’s been a while since I posted here I know!

Here’s why…

First off let me say thanks for sticking in there, I’m greatly honored by your stick-to-it-ivness and by way of this post I’m committing right now to doing the same (stick with it) now that I’m back in the game.

Like so many of us do, I have let my own site languish, untouched and alone hidden in a corner (of my mind and the interwebs) for way too long.

To be honest, I thought quite seriously, about just ditching the whole thing, but a few kind and hardy souls have assured me I should not.

So I am once again picking up pen (or rather keyboard) and attempting to share my thoughts and experiences on this wonderful ride – doing business online.

Hopefully those of you who’ve stuck it out this far will be able to take something from this and benefit from yet another of my mistakes in order to avoid them for yourselves.

But, what does all of that have to do with failure? And who the heck is David Perdew when he’s at home?

Well first things first. I consider it sort of a “failure” on my part that although I know exactly what I should have been doing with this site since it’s inception in March 2012, I’ve (consistently even – ugh), put other (paying) projects ahead of it and allowed this, which was meant to be my “passion project” languish as a result.

What Qualifies As A Failure?

So is that a failure? Well, I kinda think it is, in fact I think it’s a massive fail, at least of sorts. It’s a failure on my part to prioritize my own projects over those of clients. Even though that maybe could be justified (in our crazy minds or at least mine) because clients pay, hopefully today, and this project, although it does generate some revenue it’s not had the TLC it should have to really come into it’s own revenue-wise.

Sad when you realize that I work with others, helping them monetize and grow their online and offline businesses so why have I not applied my own rules and teachings to this project? I guess as they say “the Cobbler’s kids never have shoes” meaning we often neglect our own needs in favor of the needs of others, especially when they pay!

So there you have my confession for the day. In the court of internet opinion, Debra Lloyd has been charged of ignoring her own site and found GUILTY your honor! Oh the shame 🙁 so… moving on…

That leads to the real question which is, what to do now that I have “owned it” as Dr. Phil would say? Well, I started just about 10 mins ago as I said, by “owning it”. For me, that means I decided to stop working on (super-sharp intake of breath there), a client project, and began writing this post.

Flogging A Failure!

I’ve been flogging myself (mentally – in reality that’s not my thing) lately, well actually for ages for not getting back on track with NGBT and wasting too much time wondering how I would go about explaining why. So today I did something different and went and looked at my consulting client list, for notes from someone I worked with a while ago who’d done the exact same thing for many of the same reasons – bills to pay – clients willing to pay me – my project gets sidelined to later.

The advice I gave that client was, stop, stop right now, and go do one thing to get your own project back on track. Treat your own business or projects as if they are your very best client. Then go work it like you want (desperately) to be your best performing client, you know the one I’m talking about, the one who takes action immediately without fear of failure then comes back and says “what next?”

I saw I had a note of one of our conversations where I’d said “Failing is NOT a fail…giving up IS!” Now that’s not hugely original I know, but by God it’s true isn’t it?

We’ve all heard the stories of Lincoln and Henry Ford even Einstein and Pasteur. I know we’re not leading a country through civil war, inventing an industry or a bomb or making medical history and saving millions in the process. But I’ll bet a hundred bucks there’s a bunch of folks out there with their own “failing forward” stories. I know I have mine from my offline business and they continue, you guessed it, all the way through to today and actually to this post!

What’s The Rx?

So what’s the *Rx or recipe if you like, for overcoming the negative thoughts that creep into our thoughts and feed our feelings of failure (hungry, greedy even, little buggers that they are)? Well, it aint rocket science, it aint sexy and it aint exciting – it’s the old cliches, you know “nose to the grindstone stuff”. There’s a slew of them – “pick yourself up and dust yourself off” yada, yada.

The real Rx though, is to do SOMETHING, and do it NOW (or 15 mins ago now in my case). Stop worrying about the why, you know the how (so don’t rinse and repeat that one), and take ACTION RIGHT NOW to change something.

After that it all comes down to monitoring and measuring the results so you do know what to rinse and repeat. Starting with the very first step of putting your own projects first and making those your TOP priority, every day.

Shocker that I’ve taken 800+/- words to say what Nike said in three – Just Do It!

Who Is David Perdew – and is he really on crack?

Finally I’m getting around to David Perdew. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he’s the founder of MyNAMS online business training systems and NAMS Live events. Why did I say he’s on crack about failure?

Well, I’ve met David at NAMS a few times and I’ve heard him talking about many things related to online business, failing among them. He can get pretty worked up about understanding the need to fail, and to fail fast.

What really speaks to me though is the amazing learning system he’s built to help people fail forward, in fact they help you fail forward by learning from other peoples mistakes and failures (you know for sure they don’t hurt so much) via the MyNAMS training and community.

One of the things I’ve heard David and many others say is they failed many, many, many times before they ever succeeded. Donald Trump is quoted as having said “the difference between success and failure is the speed of implementation” I guess he’s on crack about failure too!

I know I’m on crack (not literally-just saying in case the NSA are really watching) about failure – I love to fail, but most of all I love to FAIL FAST and get it behind me. I highly recommend you learn to love to fail, fail fast and fail forward. It gets a whole lot easier once you “own” the fact that the only real failure is when you give up – that’s why we feel so shitty when we do.

Just look at this post to see exactly how fast owning it allows you to turn it around, and use your ‘fail’ to move forward.

Don’t Give Up Yet!

Seriously though, if you’ve been thinking of prioritizing your own project/s and (like we all do) putting it off, then I challenge you to make a commitment to attend NAMS Live (yes you can still get a ticket – check out the Ad in the sidebar, it’s next weekend in Atlanta, GA, will I see you there?).

If you really, absolutely cannot up sticks and get away in 7 days (as I write this post), then click through anyway and check it out because I’ll be letting you know what you’ve missed while I’m there next week.

Let’s talk…what failures have you already put behind you and which are you planning to say “bugger off” to next? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂

*Rx is a common abbreviation used in US pharmacies and generally accepted to mean “prescription”. It is in fact Latin meaning “recipere” or “recipe” I could go on but I’ll stop there, because once you know I used to own a bakery you’ll understand why I’m so fond of and partial to using recipes for much more than just food!

PS: With yesterdays WordPress 3.6 update and Genesis 2.0 expected right behind it, I’m completely reworking this site to be more secure, mobile responsive and html5 compliant. I’ll be posting regularly as I go through that process, spilling all about what tools I use and how it goes…warts and all.

If you’re a scan reader type or you just cut right to the bottom line here, I dare you to read the post, it explains exactly why I’m on crack about failing forward and well worth the time to read.

And yes, I’m really done now! Until…


I launched my 1st website back in 1996 selling baking mixes, now I blog about doing business online, most of all I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music & movies in no particular order - I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! Connect with me on Google+


  1. Good Golly! Did I need to hear this….always helping others (not a bad thing) but what am I doing to pay the bills??? Yikes, can the fearless one be afraid of failure? Apparently, YES!

    Ok, so let’s stop this right now and get on with it! Thanks so much for speaking directly to me, I needed that swift kick 🙂

    Please don’t look at my empty embarrassing website right now….starting to fix it immediately.

    • Debra says

      Hi Carolynne, I’m so glad you found this post just when you needed to and it makes my heart sing to hear it spoke to you. You may find a few things to help or inspire you as you work on your “empty” website at https://wp-webworks.com/category/blog/. I know you said don’t look but, of course, I had to – LOVE your homepage video BTW!

      Keep me posted, can’t wait to see what you come up with and maybe I should be speaking with you soon to help me organize a workshop cruise, I’ve been wanting to do that for ages!!!

  2. Jane

    What a well-crafted article Debra … and spot on with the advice of ‘looking forward to failing’ to get it done with … along with the law-of-probability and all that. Great to see you back!
    Jane recently posted..EFT Tapping PointsMy Profile

    • Debra says

      Thanks much Jane, it does feel good to be back too. I think the image at the top of the post says it all – it’s only a fail when you give up. We can all choose to change that any time, any day we just need to decide to and then we’ve got it “Cracked”!

  3. Penny

    It is so good to read a post like this because it took me a long time to learn its truth. You should never be discouraged by failure – just learn what there is to learn and get on with the next thing. I love the saying that it can take just 30 seconds of bravery ie the decision to do something to take you leaps and bounds forwards to the next thing – which may be another ‘failure’ But you can stand around wishing you had done something and wondering what would have happened (probably regretfully) if you had – or you can just do it!
    Penny recently posted..Win A Fridge!My Profile

    • Debra says

      Well said Penny “30 seconds of bravery”, it’s not like we’re asking ourselves to face a REAL firing squad – Just Do It!

  4. Liz

    Debra – you write so well!
    You have to be one of the strong ones to fail repeatedly and still keep going. And not writing on your own site! Heck even the greatest online people have done that. So I don’t beat myself up.

    I realised about 18 months ago that I was spending too much time giving away free advice on my site. The traffic was growing – so many visitors I didn’t know what to do with them. And that was the problem!

    The more I gave the more the freebie loving people wanted. So I just stopped writing altogether and went off and built some products.

    Now when I go back to giving away free advice I have some of my own products to also offer. Sometimes you got to go and do something else in order to move your business forward.
    Liz recently posted..Genesis Child Theme – HenryMy Profile

    • Debra says

      Wow you hit the nail on the head Liz – our path’s have mirrored each other’s almost exactly. I was “Volunteer-Consulting” and figured as no-one wanted to “volunteer-put-my-kid-through-college” I should stop doing that. I have no problem sharing what I’ve learned for the benefit of others, I love doing that, I just needed to do it in a more productive way. You may even say by Failing Forward and here we are.

      LOVE that Henry theme – brilliant for anyone who is an Affiliate Marketer BTW – guess where you may just see that theme running real soon? But I may just go with Minimum Michelle too, not decided yet 🙂

  5. On crack, eh?!

    I do get pretty jazzed up about failure, and it’s become one of the freeing things I’ve ever done. Embracing it!

    I read the other day that if you don’t make mistakes, you don’t try. I try a lot. And I succeed some of the time – and the rest is just feedback.

    Great post!
    David Perdew recently posted..MyNAMS Insiders August Content ChallengeMy Profile

    • Debra says

      Well exactly that’s the thing, once you ‘get it’ you almost can’t wait to fail again! I agree, if I haven’t broken something lately, I start to worry I’m slacking off – yesterday was a doozy, I totally nuked this site TWICE in 24 hours as I was trying to resurrect it!

      Thanks much David, for the compliment on the post, that’s very ‘large’ to me coming from an ex-newspaper editor. See you Thursday at NAMS (maybe I should hide eh?) 🙂

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