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Using outsource resources effectively

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5-10 years you must have heard of the trend toward outsourcing. It’s a great way to be sure you take care of all aspects of your online business effectively and efficiently.

The problem for most of us is that no matter how talented we are (or think we are), there comes a time when we have to admit to or at least accept there are limitations to what we can do ourselves.

It’s an inevitable fact of owning any business, online or not, that there are always going to be things we need to do or get done that require knowledge and/or skill sets that we perhaps don’t have ourselves or can’t afford to hire and carry as full time employees even if we wanted to. Then there are some tasks that are just plain mind numbingly boring and time consuming, you know those two or maybe even ten dollar tasks that just don’t warrant your time and attention but need to be done just the same.

I’d tried outsourcing before but the quality of work was so poor I’d kind of given up on it, having a US based virtual office manager gave me the confidence to try it one more time…I’ll never go back to doing those things myself, with Cindy (my Virtual Office Manager) managing projects and time-lines, I’m able to put my focus where it needs to be on growing my business – PK Florida, US

The biggest headache I had with outsourcing is that it can so quickly become a full time job in and of itself to manage a bunch of different VA’s and service providers. Results can be iffy at best and downright useless or in some cases, create even more work than when you started (as you find yourself having to fix things that ended up broken) at worst!

Over the years I learned to recognize and ‘fess up to my own limitations or else things just don’t get done! So I’ve built a team of VA’s (Virtual Assistants) and service providers to address the things I need to be sure get done and done right.

I can’t believe how much time I saved using your services to maintain and update my blog. I was able to put that time into creating new content which generated more than enough additional sales to cover the cost. Wish I had found this service 3 years ago!
– BL London, UK

If you could use help with your online business, follow the links below to check out the many tools, services and resources to be found on this site based on what you need to accomplish and you’ll find affordable, reliable top quality resources to help you with many of the projects and tasks we all either struggle with or in some cases just don’t want or like to do ourselves.



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