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Hi I’m Debra Lloyd and I felt it would be a good thing to take just a few minutes here to let people know what my online business history is and why I’m well qualified to review business tips and tools to make recommendations whether you’re new to the online world, or been online for while and looking for tools to help promote, market and grow your online or home based business.

My story really begins with my parents who started their business when I was about six years old, so I grew up in a business environment and for a really long time didn’t know (or appreciate) what a leg up that gave me when it came to starting my own business!

I sort of grew or evolved into my first online business back in the mid 90’s when I started selling packaged baking mixes that I manufactured, packed and shipped myself, mostly to wholesale accounts in the beginning. Those baking mixes were developed from the sticks and bricks (offline and Best of The Best Award Winner:)) bakery business I owned at the time.

I quickly learned that I was able to significantly reduce overhead costs and eliminate a lot of the challenges associated with operating that business, most of the costs of running a store – rent, utilities, carrying employees (with all the additional payroll taxes you have to pay for that too), vehicles yada, yada, yada.

Within a year or so I figured out I could have another company provide fulfillment services and had them start manufacturing and packaging the products for me. So then I started selling wholesale via a very basic website.

Selling on the web changed very rapidly in those early days (yep this all started back in the dark ages of 1996) and my business model grew along with the new era of e-commerce. Once I realized I didn’t have to produce the product, and pick, pack and ship orders myself, I quickly decided to sell direct to consumers from another website specifically aimed at that retail market. That’s when the magic really kicked in; my time was now free to focus on marketing and managing the growth without having to worry about how much work would be involved in fulfilling and shipping out a high volume of orders. That’s eons ago now in terms of the internet and since then I’ve built, bought and sold a number of home based business and websites that have included AdSense, Affiliate and Membership models.

In the time since I first started doing business on the web, I’ve tried many, if not most business tools and products in search of the best ways to develop, organize, manage and market online ventures. I’ve made a ton of mistakes, some of them really expensive, but the main thing is I learned a lot from both the successes and the failures. There are tons of resources out there, but sometimes it’s tough, especially for a newbie but sometimes even for an experienced business owner to figure out which ones work, to identify which are the tools you really need and which are just cool looking toys or the tech equivalent of snake oil:)

I’ve also been through the process of buying and selling both offline and online businesses a few times now. Since 2008 I’ve been consulting and helping people buy and sell online businesses.

So I’ve been really lucky overall, as I’m now able to help others by sharing my own hands on experience to identify characteristics of the best web based businesses, but more importantly, I still love the challenge of seeking out and implementing strategies for growth and I get to spend my days doing that both for myself and others.

My hope is that NextGenBizTools will develop into a solid online community and become the go-to-place for anyone looking for tips and tools to help them start, grow or better organize their web based business. The goal of this blog is to provide a resource for tools and information that people will find interesting and helpful in their own online businesses and share it with others, following the adage “You get more of what you want from life, by helping others get more of what they want from life”.

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I launched my 1st website back in 1996 selling baking mixes, now I blog about doing business online, most of all I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music & movies in no particular order - I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! Connect with me on Google+