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I bought my first offline business in 1993, launched my first website in 1996 selling packaged baking mixes derived from that same business and have never looked back. I'm an experienced web business owner and consultant who made a 'career' out of avoiding learning any HTML code whatsoever, so naturally, I became a huge WordPress fan and advocate in 2008 (when I sold a WP Premium Theme business for a client)!

I've worked and consulted on hundreds of websites across all sorts of business models and I love that there's always some new tip, tool, technology to 'get my head around' if nothing else, it helps me keep up with my college student daughter :)

I'm a Brit by birth, lived in a few other places too, mostly been in the US since the 80's but yes you'll still hear me use funny phrases and terminology (can't help it but feel free to ask for translations they're always available - no charge) and if you stick around or come back form time to time, you'll probably notice as I flit between my two main bases of the UK & US as often as I can.

I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music and movies in no particular order, but I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! I hope you'll come connect with me, I look forward to 'meeting' you...

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HTML: How To Make LOVE [to Your Website]

Hey there, I’m just back from NAMS10 down in Atlanta and what a wild weekend that was! As usual I learned a lot, made a ton of great new friends, and re-connected with some I’d not seen for a while yada, yada, but that would be a whole other post as they say. What’s got […]

Why David Perdew Is On Crack About Failure!

Well hello there, if this is your first visit welcome, welcome, you’ve discovered my blog just as I’m about to confess to my biggest guilty secret! If you’re returning, Oh My Gosh, I’m so glad to see you’re still hanging in there because it’s been a while since I posted here I know! Here’s why… […]

Small Business Organization – Is Your Online Business Sexy Organized?

I was at the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop 7 in Atlanta last February (by the way click here to join us at NAMS #8 coming right up August 3rd-6th in Atlanta), it’s an incredible event and one I highly recommend for anyone with an online business, it’s not just for affiliate marketers. Anyway I digress, […]

How To Set Up & Use A Basic Profit & Loss Statement.

Why Is It Essential To Keep A Profit & Loss Statement For Your Business? Well it really does give an accurate picture of your most profitable revenue stream and identifies where expenses are support that or can maybe be reduced to increase overall profitability. An accurate Profit & Loss Statement will help you with tax […]

How To Finance A Business?

Get Creative with Small Business Financing Whenever I’m asked about financing a small business and especially about capital raising to buy an online business, I can’t help but think of the well known saying “A Banker is a man who will loan you a Brolly (umbrella) when the sun is shining, but he’ll ask for […]

Set Your Online Business Up So You Can Sell – Part 3

Part Trois… I started two days ago evangelizing the importance of getting all your ‘ducks in line’ so you can sell your business if you want to and so you can be sure you maximize profits while you own it and if you don’t (want to sell that is). If you just arrived here now, […]

Set Your Online Business Up So You Can Sell – Part 2

Part Deux… Yesterday I started this series with a post talking about putting your business ‘ducks in line’ right when you start or even if you already own your business, regardless if you ever plan sell or not – it just makes good business sense. Having these little fellows toe-the-line just makes good business sense […]

Set Up Your Online Business So You Can Sell!

So often I hear people say “I don’t think of my website as a business because it’s not making any (or enough) money yet” or maybe it’s something that started out as a hobby and has started turning a bit of a profit for them. My take on this is, if you’ve put up a […]

Outsource Resources for Your Online Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5-10 years you must have heard of the trend toward outsourcing. It’s a great way to be sure you take care of all aspects of your online business effectively and efficiently. The problem for most of us is that no matter how talented we are […]

Starting A Home Based-Online Business?

Why start an online business rather than a traditional business? That might have been a valid question ten, maybe fifteen years ago, but I believe the question today has become why would anyone start anything BUT an online business? Read on to learn more about the many advantages of online business, some obvious and some […]