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Set Your Online Business Up So You Can Sell – Part 3

Part Trois… I started two days ago evangelizing the importance of getting all your ‘ducks in line’ so you can sell your business if you want to and so you can be sure you maximize profits while you own it and if you don’t (want to sell that is). If you just arrived here now, […]

Set Your Online Business Up So You Can Sell – Part 2

Part Deux… Yesterday I started this series with a post talking about putting your business ‘ducks in line’ right when you start or even if you already own your business, regardless if you ever plan sell or not – it just makes good business sense. Having these little fellows toe-the-line just makes good business sense […]

Set Up Your Online Business So You Can Sell!

So often I hear people say “I don’t think of my website as a business because it’s not making any (or enough) money yet” or maybe it’s something that started out as a hobby and has started turning a bit of a profit for them. My take on this is, if you’ve put up a […]

What’s Your Online Business Worth?

I spend a lot of time working with home based & online business owners to provide them with a ballpark estimate as to the marketplace value of their web based businesses. The main question I’m looking to answer in this post series, is how can you maximize the value if and when you come to […]