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Product Support

If you’re having a problem with a link or password to a product you’ve bought direct from NGBT, first of all I’m so sorry you’re having issues and obviously I want to be able to help you as quickly as possible, to that end, please be sure to send the following information along with your message:

Product name, copy of your receipt or the PayPal email address you used to make the purchase along with any error message if you’ve received one.

For refunds, please include the reason for your refund request.
Thanks much as having this information will help me help you as quickly as possible!

Guest Blogging

I love guest blogging! If you’d like a post for your blog please send me the following:
Your Blog URL, topic suggestions if you want me to address something specific and any requirements you may have.

I love guest bloggers too! If you want to submit a post for NextGenBizTools here’s a few pointers to save us both some time:

  • Must be unique content, and I do require exclusive rights to both the post and reprint rights
  • Please submit your post along with your message as plain text, this also helps me get it posted faster
  • It would be really helpful if you would also include a short author bio
  • Files or links to your photo and any royalty free images you think would fit well for the post

All guest post submissions will be reviewed and you WILL get a response either way. If I do decide not to publish on NGBT, I’ll reply ASAP to let you know so you can publish the post somewhere else.


I’m more than happy to do written interviews and talking is in my DNA so audio, tele-conferences, webinars & podcasts are great as long as you can deal with the English accent!

For written interviews, please send your questions and URL along with where and when the interview would be published, obviously the more lead time the better for both of us to figure out the details as needed.

For audio, please include talking points and some date & time options.
I do require a copy of the audio recording and rights to share via my list or the private members area here on NGBT, but we can always work out the details of that to ensure it does not encroach on whatever your plans are for the content.

Well hopefully all of that covers most situations, but if you have something it doesn’t the form below works really well to get my attention, so have at it and I look forward to hearing from you


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I launched my 1st website back in 1996 selling baking mixes, now I blog about doing business online, most of all I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music & movies in no particular order - I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! Connect with me on Google+