Why Work With Me?

I just recently launched this site but if you’ve read the About page then you already know I’ve been doing business on the web for quite a while. I work with people looking to buy or build an online business and then often help them sell it too. There are some I’ve helped buy, build, sell, buy again and sell again.

How Can NextGenBizTools Help Your Business?

I help online business owners look at their business objectively with a view to making effective changes to drive more traffic, increase conversions and improve profits. I ran and grew my business on a shoestring so I’m really good at coming up with bootstrap efforts to get you on the road to online success. I’ve had hands on experience with multiple business models, affiliate, AdSense and subscription membership sites to name just a few. I get to see what works and what doesn’t so my main talent is in brainstorming with owners to find creative ways to make their online business more successful and profitable.

NGBT Tools & Talent?

Over the years I’ve built a top notch team of service providers and tools that I use for my own sites and client sites. Some NGBT Tools I make available to subscribers for FREE. Tools requiring support are offered at very reasonable cost (which allows me to ensure support is available). My team are also available (allows us all to benefit from volume rates) to complete tasks you may not have the skills, software or time to complete yourself. This gives you access to a bevvy of tried and tested service providers who will get the job done, done right and a project manager to keep you posted throughout the process.

How Can NGBT Help Buyers?

If you’re looking to buy and not quite sure what you should be looking for in an online business or just wnat a second opinion once you’ve found something you’re thinking of making an offer on, I’m your gal. I can help you verify the business you’re looking at is real, sustainable and brainstorm with you to find and define the growth potential before you buy. A buyer website audit is the best money you can invest to be sure you don’t become the next web statistic.

How Can NGBT Help Sellers?

Every business owner should approach their business as if they will sell it tomorrow. Why, because you never know when you just might have to. If you set up and operate your business from day one with selling in mind, (remember that old saying “begin with the end in mind”) then you’ll be in great shape to sell and be able to sell faster and for more money if and when you do. I work with business owners to set systems and processes in place to give them an exit strategy that maximizes profits while you own and proceeds when you sell. Simple as that.

Guest Blogging

I love guest blogging, if you’d like me to write a post for your blog shoot me an email with the blog URL, topics or suggestions if you’d like me to address something specific and any specific requirements you may have that I should comply with as I write.


Those who know me well will tell you I am rarely short of something to say! However I can and will speak to your organization about topics I know well, business, specifically doing business online and staying motivated as an online entrepreneur. Depending on your location and mine at the time of your event I can appear in person or via Skype, just shoot me an email to connect so we can discuss your objectives and event.

Joint Ventures

If you have a product or project and think it may make a viable Joint Venture then I’m always happy to listen to serious proposals properly presented. If it’s not a project my reader base would have interest in, I’m fortunate enough to have contacts in many niches online and may be able to connect you with a better fit, if I can I surely will. Shoot me an email with details of your proposal I’ll get right back to you to discuss how we may help each other or let you know if it doesn’t strike me as a good fit.

Who Hires Or Works With Me?

Really smart people 🙂 Seriously, those who know and recognize their blog or website is a business, want to make it the best it can be and realize that two heads are almost always better than one, who are not afraid of and are open to a little straight talk, are willing to do the work or pay to get it done, want to manage and measure their business into a place where it can ultimately operate and profit with or without them.

I could blither on for well, probably quite a while but really, nothing I can say about what it’s like to work with me, can say it as eloquently as those I’ve worked with in the past, so here’s what clients and colleagues have to say about working with me.

I’m not saying I DO everything, I don’t, so I also don’t work with everyone.
I’ll be the first to let you know if I can’t help you but I probably know someone else who can and I’ll personally help get you connected with them.

Contact Me

Use the handy form on the contact page to connect and I’ll get right back to you!



I launched my 1st website back in 1996 selling baking mixes, now I blog about doing business online, most of all I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music & movies in no particular order - I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! Connect with me on Google+