What’s In This Site For You?

knowledge is power

Are you looking to buy or start an online business? Feeling overwhelmed by the information available, kind of like you’re trying to drink water from a fire hydrant?

Do you already own a website? Are you looking for ways to get more done in less time? Are you looking for some straight scoop on that cool software or tool you’ve been thinking of investing in?

Maybe you’re thinking about selling your online business and want to plan a solid exit strategy to maximize what you CAN get for it, IF and WHEN you ARE ready to sell?

Are you ALL three?

I’ve certainly been all of these at one time or another since ’96, so the objective of this site is to help people at or through, any and each of these stages.

This site is an ever growing compilation of tips, tools and yes tactics too, that’ll help you avoid making the mistakes I (and many others before both of us) have made. My hope is that by candidly sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from being online will save you time, trouble and tears as you begin, end, or travel through your own online adventure.

So welcome to ‘NGBT’, come on in and look around the site, it’s a great place to discover the right tools, new tools or to de-construct what can be some really confusing processes and geek terminology.

There are huge benefits to working online, but the one drawback is that it can be quite isolating too (there’s a reason people refer to us as basement dwelling-dweebs and it’s not totally unfounded although it is hugely misguided IMHO :)).

So grab your beverage of choice, settle in and stick around, read some articles, find some cool tools and come back often!



I launched my 1st website back in 1996 selling baking mixes, now I blog about doing business online, most of all I love to travel, cook, enjoy wine, good company, music & movies in no particular order - I like it best when I can enjoy them all at the same time! Connect with me on Google+